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Health assistance for foreign citizens

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Health assistance for foreign citizens

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Are you a foreign citizen residing in Puglia with a valid residence permit?

You can register with the National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale, aka SSN) to benefit from the right to health care as an Italian citizen.

Which categories benefit from mandatory registration (“by right”) to the SSN?

The following categories are regularly registered with the SSN:

– employees;

– self-employed workers;

– unemployed citizens, if enrolled in the Employment Centre for having lost their jobs after working for more than a year in Italy;

– family members of a community citizen, in possession of an identity document and a document attesting the quality of dependent family member (family status);

– family members of a non-EU citizen, in possession of a residence permit issued for family reunification.


Can I apply for voluntary registration with the SSN?

Yes, you can. Foreign citizens, EU and non-EU citizens, or citizens from Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein can apply for a residence permit and residence in Italy (provided that they belong to the categories mentioned above), upon payment of the annual flat-rate contribution. If you are a student or an au pair, you are entitled to a reduction in the amount of the flat-rate contribution to be paid.

Where can I apply for registration with the SSN?

You can register through the ASL of the Municipality of residence or of your current domicile (indicated in the residence permit), to the “Choice and revocation of the doctor” office, bringing a residence permit and a tax code with you. The office will issue a health card which has the same deadline as your residence permit and can be renewed by submitting a request for renewal of your residence permit to the ASL

Are you a non-EU citizen without a residence permit or a temporarily present foreigner (Straniero Temporaneamente Presente, aka STP)?

Even within the “Villa Bianca” facilities, as required by Italian law you have the right to basic health care. All you have to do is show the appropriate STP card (which expires after 6 months) to the reference personnel and the medical referral on which the STP code is reported: our operators will provide you with the necessary care, without sending any report to the competent authorities.

To find out more please visit:

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